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Hurricane Isaac and Tides

Tracking Tides with Storm Surge

One of the most damaging aspects of a Hurricane is the effects storm surge can have in relation to an area’s tides.  Using a tool like Nestides Gulf of Mexico Tides Edition or Florida Tide Tables by NOAA can help you gauge how high a tide is scheduled to be in your area and then factor the time the storm will begin affecting your area.  One thing is for sure, you have an especially high tide during a tropical storm or hurricane when it hits, you can rest assured storm surge is following.  In some cases even a low tide can be equally devastating depending on how the wind blows (literally).  What is more dangerous about storm surge is that it can be delayed and catch people when their guard is down.  One thing is for is that you MUST be prepared and usually have some degree of notice as to when the storm will reach your area.  With the help of Tides software to show normal predictions you can be that much more prepared.

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Here is a Storm Surge Probabilities chart from NOAA:

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